East Austin Athletic Club

Welcome to the Club.


What sets us apart

Cultivating Community Through a Measurable Fitness Experience.


The Class Experience

Innovative+Fun. Technology-tracked workouts with a customized feel to focus on your fitness goals. We track the data that you need and couple it with proven & encouraging fitness programing to push yourself, achieve results, build confidence, #moveBetter, and love your community.  



The Growth

Measurable+Achievements. Grow like you’ve never grown before with a balanced approach that leverages technology, professional coach-led workouts, personalized attention, and a supporting community. You’ll have immediate access to track your fitness growth. #moveBetter. Feel better. Live better. Be better.



The Community

Pre+Post. Building life stories and friendships pre & post workout. Whether it’s a pub run, corn hole tournament, potluck, or happy hour, we embrace the power of community innovation in everything that we do. This is beyond a fitness experience. All are welcome: laughs, sweat, friendships, competition, high fives and low fives…


 Kick Ass Classes



ASCEND is suitable for any fitness background as an all-encompassing strength and conditioning program that combines functional weight-lifting and bodybuilding as well as other sport and fitness styles to improve key skills like strength, speed, power, agility, stamina, endurance, balance, flexibility, and more to help you get strong, move better and look good AF!



HIIT !T is a high intensity interval training class that will get your blood pumpin’, muscles poppin’, and get the good feels flowin’. We utilize circuits and short-burst intervals packed with cardiovascular endurance, agility, and power training. Torch calories. Get stronger physically and mentally. This class is meant for everyone, whether you are beginning your fitness journey or just looking to mix up your routine. Let’s move together, let’s move confidently, and let’s #movebetter!



At its core, Propel is a program geared towards technical lifts that will build strength while also developing accuracy and coordination. Come learn new movements and lift with an energetic crowd. You’ll be squatting, pulling weight from the floor, pushing weight overhead, and incorporating body weight movements to strengthen every area needed to propel your lifts and #moveBetter.

Our Team 


Priscilla Trizna

Background: UT Austin Kinesiology & Health with a specialization in medical fitness & rehabilitation.

Passion: I love that I can channel my passion in a way that helps influence & impact people by helping them move their body.

Mission: My mission is taking my passion and helping the community feel good, move better, and live longer.


Wladi Montoya

Background: Collegiate athlete & fitness expert with ~10 yrs of competitive fitness experience as a competitor/coach/mentor (e.g., CrossFit regional qualifier).

Passion: My true passion is in human connection and helping people of all levels, in any sport, reach their highest potential.

Mission: To create an environment where those around me can realize the greatness within themselves